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Membership of GUCCU demonstrates the commitment to excellence in the fields of career services. Join GUCCU today to build a network with top Chinese enterprises, obtain competitive job opportunities.    

Membership in GUCCU demonstrates your commitment to excellence in the fields of career services. Join GUCCU today so you can network with top Chinese enterprises, providing competitive job opportunities for your students. It is important to fill all the information in the registration form so that we can recommend the matched job positions to your career board.


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Raise Employment Rate

Link to the job market in China, acquiring 30,000+ companies and 100,000+ job positions, bringing students more opportunities without more human resources cost.

Receive data analysis of students' job application, including the rate of participation, employment data, major industry distribution, etc.

Customized Career Board

Get an exclusive career board website to build a reputation for your university in the Chinese recruitment market. Matched job positions will be recommended systematically to different university members.All positions are sent by the employers that are seeking for your students. Transfer the knowledge of Chinese job market to students who would like to find opportunities in China.

Data & Reports

Providing data analysis of students' job application and events attending, including rate of participation, rate of employment, major distribution, etc.


Invitation to our annual Global University Career Development (China) Conference.

Be in touch with the popular Chinese enterprise and get first-hand knowledge of the latest employment tendency in China. Meet career service professionals from other universities and share opinions on how to provide better collegiate career service for students.


GUCCU will recognizes member's contributions by awarding the honor of the University of the Year to selected university. The award aims to recognize the outstanding contribution of GUCCU member who provides consistent and significant career help to Chinese overseas students. It will be announced at the GUCCU Annual Conference.

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Monthly Newsletter to share news, resources, and/or activities of GUCCU partners.


Subject to availability, larger career fair might be held twice a year. One will be held in China mainly for alumni and the other will be held at overseas universities mainly for new graduates.

Pre-work Program

A comprehensive career development guide including a 2-day-course is available to overseas Chinese students in member universities.

Continual Improvement

Active communication system established via GUCCU Regional Directors and Management Committee for member universities to ensure feedback collection and university business alignment.

Priority Recommendation

Students from GUCCU member universities have the priority to access to GUCCU employer networks for internship/graduate positions.