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The third Global University (China) Career Development Conference will be held from 24th – 31st March in 2018 in China. In comparison with the previous conference, there will be more representatives from global universities and Chinese enterprises to participate and share in the 3rd GUCDC. More topics will be covered during the conference, and Lockin China will publish the ‘Chinese Returnees Career Development Report 2018’ based on the survey from 150,000 Chinese overseas students.


2018.3.24 Arrival in Guangzhou

2018.3.25 Career Development Fair in Guangzhou

2018.3.26 Employer Visits in Guangzhou

2018.3.27-28 Employer Visits in Shenzhen

2018.3.30-31 Conference in Sanya

Please contact: contact@guccu.org to ask for the detailed Conference Agenda.


Job Fair

There will be an job fair for Chinese overseas students in Guangzhou the first day of the 3rd GUCDC. Over 50+ companies will do interviews with candidates who have received the fair invitation. It is also an excellent opportunity for career officers to meet with hot Chinese employers and some of their alumni as well.

Company Visit and Conference Speaker

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