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2018 GUCDC Review

‘Let us work together, gain more’

-Managing Director of GUCCU – William Xie

The 3rd Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC) was held in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Sanya from 24th March 2018 to 31st March 2018, attracted more than 50 career officers from global universities, HRs from Chinese enterprises and media representatives. Led by the Global University China Career Union (GUCCU) and Lockin China, the conference featured many topics and rich contents, presentations focusing on how to provide better career supports for Chinese returnees. By bringing career professionals from all around the world, GUCDC once again showed the rising prosperity of research and recruitment in Chinese overseas graduates and its growing maturity as a leader in the field.

The Development Conference was held in Sanya. 2018 Chinese Overseas Talents Career Development Analysis Report was published during the conference. The report is based on the analysis of 200,000 overseas students, foreign students and thousands of businesses around the world, as well as 20,000 online businesses and 42,000 overseas professionals stored in Lockin China’s database.

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The founder & CEO of Lockin China Crystal Kong shared data, analysis and tendency of overseas talents career development in China’s employment industry in 2018, such as the industries which very high demanding for overseas talents, the overseas talents salary expectation, the channels of job seeking etc.

Participated Universities

Participated Companies

Company Tour Headquarters Visiting

During the visit in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, university representatives from the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, France and Spain have visited leading Chinese companies in different industries, such as Decathlon, Midea, DJI Innovation, CSOT and Vanke. The company visits ensure career officers to gain an insight into the development of Chinese companies and how do they set up recruitment strategy in China's job market.

2018 GUCDC – Employer Presentation

5 employers given presentations to introduce their company and demonstrated strategy of overseas talents cultivation.

2018 GUCDC – Panel Discussion

Topic : How to overcome barriers of communication between Chinese Enterprises and Overseas Universities?


Crystal Kong      Lockin China

William Xie         GUCCU

Vicky Cai           DiDi Chuxing

Winnie Cao        BOE

David Du           Huaneng Guicheng Trust

2018 GUCDC – University Presentation

The representatives from 4 universities gave presentations to interpret how to facilitate international students’ employment and shared experience with other participants.

2018 Career Development Award

The award winner university career service team has a strong sense of missions to students' employment and always actively engage in employment training programs. The activeness of the award winner university career service team working with Chinese enterprises and us have achieved a significant effect on students' employment. The award winner university career service team also takes the initiative, actively seek cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and effectively help graduates with their employment. As a result of the efforts of the award winner university Career Service Department, their students have always been kept active with opening positions. The award winner universities also have the world's leading professionalism, strong discipline and excellent reputation in the recruitment industry in China.

The award winner employer has a very high popularity among overseas talents and also have an excellent brand reputation among global Universities. Award winner employers’ development vision and value perfectly match overseas talents career development idea. Corporate culture and working environment are greatly welcomed by overseas talents. Your recruitment department also has a rich overseas recruitment experience, and your recruitment team has a strong ability to execute, cooperating with many overseas universities to maintain good relations.