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GUCCU and Lockin China held the 2nd Global University Career Development Conference

‘Let us work together, gain more’

-Managing Director of GUCCU – William Xie

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The 2nd Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC) was held in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing from 20 March to 24 March, attracting more than 35 career officers from global universities, 50 HR from Chinese enterprises, and 20 media representatives. Led by the Global University China Career Union (GUCCU) and Lockin China, the Conference featured a number of topics and rich contents, covering 10 presentations focusing on how to provide better career supports for Chinese returnees. By bringing career professionals from all around the world, GUCDC once again showed the rising prosperity of research and recruitment in Chinese overseas graduates and its growing maturity as a leader in the field.

During the first two days in Shanghai, a total of 35 heads of career office at universities in the UK, the US, Australia and Spain visited different type of companies in China, namely Future Land Holding Group, Johnson & Johnson, Schindler, Huabao International Holdings Limited. The company visits ensure career officers to gain an insight into the development of Chinese companies and how do they set up recruitment strategy in China's job market. Tony from the University of Adelaide said that he finds the company visits are very useful as he learned some specific features of Chinese enterprises and recognized their increasing demand for Chinese returnees.

Company visit at Schindler

From 22 March to 23 March, the official conference was held in Suzhou. The opening speech by Crystal Kong, CEO of Lockin China set the scene for the conference entitled ‘overseas talents – core of globalization of Chinese employers’. She pointed out that increasing number of Chinese enterprises are seeking overseas talents due to their global ambition and there are both opportunities and challenges for Chinese returnees to seek domestic job opportunities. The ‘2017 Chinese Overseas Elites Career Development Report’ she shared at the conference gives delegates a comprehensive understanding of the current job market in China and what does it mean for Chinese returnees. Several questions such as what are the distinct features of returnees, what kind of enterprises are hunting for returnees and what are returnees expecting for their future job are all answered in the report. There are also 4 company representatives from DIDI Chuxing, FAW, JSTI, and Founder Group gave speeches talking about their hope and experiences in recruiting Chinese returnees.

Crystal Kong gives the opening speech

On the second day in Suzhou, Susan Harvey from the University of Adelaide and Bob Blanchett from the Northeastern University shared with delegates their vision and strategy in the field of collegiate career service and how they collaborate with Lockin China to provide career support specifically for Chinese students.

After two days in Suzhou, the officers attended the Chinese Returnees Career Development Fair in Beijing on 24 March, which marked the end of the conference. There are over 1000 visiting during the fair, looking for 500 job positions provide by employers. This exclusive job fair for returnees has achieved a great success that brought more effective and efficient communication between employers and candidates. This year, Lockin China and GUCCU aims to work together with universities’ career officers and Chinese recruiters to provide more professional career support and opportunities to Chinese Returnees.

Participated Universities

Participated Companies

From 17th to 23rd of April, 2016, Lockin China held the first Global University Career Development Conference in Beijing. A total of 28 heads of career office from the US, Australia, Britain, Germany and Spain attended the conference, representing over 20 global elite universities.

During the conference, heads of career offices visited four companies, namely DiDi, Decathlon, BOE and BFSU International, which are representatives of MNCs, SOEs and private enterprises and all have great demands for returnees. This tour gives overseas universities an intuitive understanding of Chinese companies and their recruitments.

Visit-hosting employers shared with the career officers their understanding of overseas campus-acquisition, requirements and plans. Besides, they presented the working conditions, welfare system, promotion and development space of their companies. During the two-day company tour, career officers received the first hand information about the need of different types of Chinese employers and discussed with HRs on possible collaboration to help employers attract and recruit more Chinese overseas talents and improve the work of careers service in return. It offered a great opportunity to career officers to be aware of the working and living conditions in future through self-experience.

The conference invited Crystal Kong, the CEO of Lockin China, Dr. Mark Liu from Beijing Normal University and some professional interviewers, and shared with heads of offices the “Chinese Overseas Elites Career Development Report 2016” as well as the interview system of Chinese companies. It also introduced China-specific issues including the job-seeking psychologies of returnees, income levels, procedures of recruitment and sample interview questions.

On the last day of the event, the officers attended the Chinese Returnees Career Development Fair in Shanghai, one of three exclusive recruitment events for returnees held by Lockin China in the spring of 2016. At the fair, heads of career offices developed in-depth conversations with HRs from 50 companies and hundreds of alumni.