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Global University Career Development (China) Conference (GUCDC) is an annual conference host by Lockin China and Global University China Career Union (GUCCU). In order to better provide professional career support to overseas talents who seek career in China, the conference invites both career officers from global universities and HRs from famous employers in China to have face-to-face conversations on the fast-changing employment status quo.

During the conference, we aim to deliver challenging possibilities, practical and proven tools and more answers than questions. We encourage all delegated to reflect their practice and plan for the new challenges that lie ahead in the career development and employability field. An updated version of Chinese returnees’ career development report will be published as well, as we did in previous years.

Thanks to China’s rapid economic development, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises are seeking candidates with overseas studying and working experience. However, a large population of overseas talents misses out a lot valuable opportunities due to the lack of the understanding the ever-changing labor market and the latest talent demands in China. Therefore, we hope to work together with Career Service team at universities to help them to be prepared before coming back to China.



esearches have shown that in 2017, a total of 670,000 Chinese talents who have studied or worked overseas are returning to China for career development. By 2018, proximately over 3 millions overseas talents from different countries are expected to work in a great variety of industries in China, working in different industry branches. With the rapid development of Chinese economy these last decades, an increasing number of Chinese employers are looking for Chinese returnees as well as foreign graduates wanting to settle in China. However, most of the Chinese returnees and foreign graduates lack job seeking skills and knowledge about the Chinese job market. Their understanding of Chinese enterprises is insufficient, hence Chinese returnees will have to face these obstacles in the future.

Meanwhile, Chinese returnees are facing another big challenge, which also results in difficulty of global universities: Although they spent a lot of time, money and effort on studying at overseas universities for years, it still takes them about 6 months to find a job, much longer than domestic graduates, according to a survey. Additionally, the salary and status of their first job hardly meet their satisfaction.

This phenomenon has drawn much attention of the Chinese government and society. On the one hand, it hurts the returnees’ confidence on setting off their career in China. On the other hand, parents complain that their “pain” turns out to be “no gain”. These major “sponsors” of overseas study begin to doubt whether it is still worthwhile to send their children abroad. This even has a negative influence on the enrollment number of global universities and brings the biggest stress to careers service offices they have ever faced with.

The uncertainty of career life is a real problem, which we are confident can be solved as long as Careers Service teams are well prepared an dedicated to help Chinese overseas students and foreign students who want to start a career in China.

Conference Organizers

Lockinchina.com is the first overseas elite recruitment website in China. They focus on helping Chinese companies recruit overseas graduates and experienced talents, meanwhile, helping Chinese students as well as international students with mandarin skills studying abroad seek good opportunities in China. So far, Lockin China connects with over 700 global universities and registered company users of over 20,000.

GUCCU is an organization dedicated to uniting the career center of global universities to provide career help to Chinese overseas students and alumni. Lockin China, the initiator, is willing to bridge the communication and cooperation between the Chinese overseas students, hundreds of Career Center of global universities and millions of enterprises in China and eventually help more Chinese overseas students acquire better career development opportunities.