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esearches have shown that in 2017, a total of 670,000 Chinese talents who have studied or worked overseas are returning to China for career development. By 2018, proximately over 3 millions overseas talents from different countries are expected to work in a great variety of industries in China. Due to China’s rapid economic development, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises are seeking international collaborations that have an enormous demand for overseas Chinese graduates. However, only a few number of big enterprises have professionals in the field of Chinese overseas student’s recruitment. On the other hand, for those Chinese graduates in foreign universities who are willing to come back to China, their understanding of Chinese enterprises and the job market is insufficient. Meanwhile, they are facing another big challenge, which also become a big concern for global universities: Chinese student spent a lot of time, money and effort on studying at overseas universities, yet still takes them approximately 6 months to find a job in China, which is much longer compare to domestic graduates. These phenomena remind us of the uncertainty of career life as an urgent issue for Chinese returnees. However, we believe these difficulties can be solved as long as Careers Service teams are well prepared and dedicated to help Chinese returnees and other foreign students who are willing to start their career in China. We thus hope to work together with career center of global universities to found an organization that provides comprehensive career help to Chinese overseas students.


The Global University China Career Union (GUCCU), is the very first union founded by global leading Universities and Chinese leading recruitment platform – Lockin China. We are dedicated to uniting the career center of global universities and thousands of Chinese employers to provide career help to Chinese overseas students as well as other international students and alumni who are willing to seek opportunities in China.


Becoming the organization has top appeal in Chinese employment industry.


GUCCU strives to realize the full potential of overseas elites, establish the channels of communications between global universities and Chinese enterprises, open up more career opportunities for overseas elites, and strengthen the influence of collegiate career services within global universities.